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Plain minimalist decoration style

Started by on Sep 01, 2018 – Last touched: Sep 01, 2018

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  1. Reinforced cement gives most people the impression that it is rough and hard, but under the designers, cement can also become a member of a warm home. The simple tone and texture of cement can often give people visual unexpected pleasure. Abandon all unnecessary decoration, show the original cement wall elegant, which are suitable for simple industrial style and modern minimalist design. The plain mud wall, the beauty of the true color, do not need any decoration, but with the most natural color, the most plain beauty touched everything.Throw away all unnecessary decoration, showing the original cement wall elegant, suitable for simple industrial style and modern minimalist design.
    Poly-colored cement makes the space full of gray, with bright furniture and accessories, the space will no longer be monotonous.
    Plain minimalist decoration style
  2. Bedrooms can also be built into a retro industrial style, using appropriate soft clothing with original cement walls, and the simplest design and practical functions are organically combined. Minimalist style is the best use of cement-colored wall, the combination of exterior and interior full of natural feeling and the comfort and green of life are emphasized.
  • The television background wall, also can adopt the cement plain color, for the living room space added a trace of industrial retro atmosphere, which will create a home life for literary youth. If you like the clean and simple design, you can replace the bright decorations with wood and metal.
    Plain minimalist decoration style

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